I want a green planet and a redder lips. Take a breath and always look ahead. Keep the doors open even when it rains. Fewer chats and more drinks. I’d rather go than come back, gain time to lose it, I prefer persons to people. I want to create my own language and have the right to change my mind. Ventilate a toxic relationships to breathe fresh air. Living without a plan B and having my house where my fans are. And hug, because that’s the real oxygen.


We are here to freshen up a very Mediterranean accessory. A FAN OF fans are unique pieces, made in Spain by hand, using sustainable materials and processes. Our desire is to recover the tradition of the fan through an innovative, honest and empowered vision. We love spending time outdoors and so we want to take care of the environment: we collaborate with local artisans who work using natural pear wood and 100% organic cotton fabric, following a sustainable process to respect nature as much as possible. We don’t use varnishes and our designs are printed with inks that have the ECO Passport certificate by Oeko Tex. Finally we send you the fan in a 100% recycled paper packaging.

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